Friday, 30 December 2022

Weirdness with Go

Whilst tinkering ( my fave word ) with a Go project,  I was trying to force a complete rebuild of the module, via go mod tidy.

Now I started by removing go.mod and go.sum : -

rm go.mod
rm go.sum

And, when I ran go mod tidy  I noticed that the command was: -

(a) failing
(b) looking at a whole slew of OTHER Go projects, including those outside of the directory within which I was running the command, namely : -


Now, of course, note what I did previously i.e. rm go.mod 


From this: -

Why does 'go mod tidy' record indirect and test dependencies in my 'go.mod'?


go mod tidy updates your current go.mod to include the dependencies needed for tests in your module — if a test fails, we must know which dependencies were used in order to reproduce the failure.


Guess what I didn't have ?

So, the key was to re-create go.mod via: -

go mod init

and then re-run the make command that had initially populated go.mod - which also ran go mod tidy and then ... everything is OK.

Phew !

Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Giving Twitter the bird ...

After 15 years or so, I decided to jump out of the Twitter-verse, and join Mastodon ...

I'm probably following the herd ( well, a mastodon is kinda like a mammoth, which must've been a herd critter ), but ... here I am

Let's see what happens next .....

Friday, 2 December 2022

Reminder - how to split strings in a shell script

There's almost certainly 73 different ways to do this, but this worked for me

The problem to be solved ... I have a string containing three container architectures: -

export architecture="amd64 s390x arm64"

and I want to split it into three, each on a newline

This does the needful: -

echo $architecture | tr ";" "\n"

rather nicely

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