Tuesday, 4 December 2007

More Linux silliness ....

Whilst trying ( and failing ) to configure my RHEL VM to use my company's internal RHN mirror, I was running the following command: -

wget -qO- https://hostname.domain.com/pub/bootstrap/bootstrap-rtp.sh | /bin/bash

Now you can see the obvious flaw, right ??

Yes, you guessed it - I'd copied the command verbatim from a website, and included the three leading spaces, which meant that the command did absolutely nowt.

Therefore, the follow-up command: -

rhnreg_ks --force --username=username --password=password

defaulted to the original settings, and went off to the Red Hat site rather than my company's mirror.

I'd run this many, many times before I realised. Do I feel silly ?


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