Sunday, 22 June 2008

WebSphere Portal and OpenLDAP

Spent a few days relearning how to get WP6 and OpenLDAP to play nicely together.

It's been a wee while since I wrote this document, and things have changed somewhat.

I'll make an effort to update the document in the next few days but, in the meantime, please let me know if you're trying ( and perhaps struggling ) to make it work.


*UPDATE 31/3/2010*

Here's two documents which are no longer available on the LotusChannel site: - - WebSphere Portal 6 and OpenLDAP Together.pdf up OpenLDAP for use with WebSphere Portal 6.pdf


Virusface said...

I didn't know about the "best-effort" support for other ldap servers.

That's good news, and technically thrilling.

Btw I don't expect to be using openLDAP. ITDS is so damn good I'd never use anything else (if possible). Even when domino is already available I suggest adding an ITDS server if you're looking to external users.

Dave Hay said...

Ciao Daniele, yes, I'd agree re ITDS, but there are situations where one might wish to use another LDAP, so OpenLDAP is a good option - I've also used SunOne in the past, regards, Dave

Jon Mell said...

I swear we got this working during a POC at Logicais a year or so ago - it's definitely possible!

Dave Hay said...

Jon, yes, we did - or it may have been SunOne LDAP. It was a customer down in the South-West, regards, Dave

Uwe said...

Hi dave,

I am currently trying to integrate Portal6.1 and OpenLDAP and get stuck: ConfigEngine complains about a "LoginAccount" sub entity which is not defined in the wim config.
Also your document from Lotuschannel seems to be deleted.
Do you have a hint?
Thank you!

CmaJ said...


I'm trying to install an IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 in an Linux machine and I want to use OpenLDAP as LDAP Server. At this time, I failed install it :(

I was very glad when I found your site but the referred document isn't available. Please, can you tell me how can I get it?

Many thanks.

Dave Hay said...


Here you go.


CmaJ said...


You save me :)

Thank you!

Jeff said...

Have you been through this with 6.1 yet? We are attempting this now and my admin says the document does not apply to 6.1.

Dave Hay said...

@Jeff, yes, I've used WebSphere Portal 6.1 and OpenLDAP together, Dave

daya said...

Hi Dave,
Have you already SetUP the
WebSphere Portal 8.x and OpenLDAP together?
It seems to be impossible to configure WP8 and openldap as standalone UserRegisty.

Dave Hay said...

Hi Daya, no, I'm afraid that this isn't something I've tried. I'll have a play, and post back to the blog, and link here, if/when I get time, cheers, Dave

daya said...

Hi Dave,
Thank you, I will try it with federated user-repository and let you know my results.