Thursday, 18 March 2010

WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 and Web Application Integrator

One of my IBM US colleagues, Richard Robbins, hit a problem with the Web Application Integrator portlet and WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 /

He was following one of my earlier blog posts, Using Web Application Integrator to integrate Lotus Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal into WebSphere Portal, to integrate Quickr 8.1.1 into WebSphere Portal 6.1.5, but was finding that the WAI JavaScript was not being injected into the Quickr page header, even though he'd added the JS to the header.jsp on the Quickr server.

Thanks to a quick turnaround on a PMR with IBM Support, Richard was able to identify that he was missing a crucial fix for WP615, reported in this APAR PM09151, which states: -

Error description

Web App Integrator needs to be able to support theme policy and multiple levels on integration.

Problem summary

Changes to the WAI theme to keep backward compatability for the new and previous WAI portlet.

Problem conclusion

This fix has been packaged with PM09187 and is found on FixCentral here:

There are also similar fixes for and

With the fix applied, and the page configured to use the default Portal 6.1 theme ( rather than the new enhanced Page Builder theme ), all worked according to plan.

Will test at some point but hopefully this'll help others out in the meantime ...

Thanks, Richard, much appreciated ...


Dave Hay said...

Richard asked me to mention that he was actually using WebSphere Portal plus the 6.1.5 Feature Pack, added as an upgrade

Unknown said...

Any insight on getting it to work with the enhanced Page Builder theme?

Dave Hay said...

@Walter - no, not yet :-(

goog said...

Can some one point to me if wai is supported in websphere portal 8.0

Dave Hay said...

@Goog, no, WAI isn't currently supported on WP8, as per this: -

Personally, I suspect that support will not come, because WAI has never worked with the Page Builder themes, and WP8 makes heavy use of them.

Therefore, I'd recommend you consider Web Application Bridge instead: -

WAB is bundled with WP8.

Regards, Dave

goog said...

I even see application bridge
"This is supported on IBM WebSphere Portal version 7.0x ". Did not mentioned any where about 8.0.

Did any one tried and made it working in portal 8.0

Dave Hay said...

@Goog, others may have tried it, but ( as I mentioned ), WAI does not work with the Page Builder 2 themes that were introduced in WP615. Therefore, you'd need to disable the PB themes in WP8 in order to make any use of WAI. Regards, Dave

goog said...

Hi,Dave... I am trying the similar concept in websphere portal 8. Same code works in Portal 7. But in websphere portal 8, i see it gets junk values,which i see when i do view source.I alos posted the same issues here.. You cna see the screen shot.

Dave Hay said...

@Goog, I'm not terribly surprised, WAI has really been deprecated. It's a shame, but that's the reality. WAB is definitely the direction to take, unless you're willing to create custom portlets, regards, Dave

goog said...

WAB is for Iframe based i guess. and also WAI is officially supported by portal 8 in few months ,that's what i came to know form ibm. Thank you Dave.

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