Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Using the ITCAM for Applications BPM monitoring solution to identify slow Business Process Definitions

This came to my attention via the @IBM_BPM Twitter account: -

IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) is a widely used, comprehensive BPM platform that gives you visibility and insight to manage business processes. One of the biggest challenges for BPM customers is tracking the health and performance of the BPM server and its processes, then identifying potential issues to improve the satisfaction of the end user. BPM customer business can be impacted by the following scenarios:

• BPM server takes a long time to complete transactions
• BPM server is unresponsive and cannot handle transactions

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) for Applications incorporates a BPM monitoring solution that can help customers to track and identify these scenarios. In this paper, we look at one scenario: "BPM server has a long response time due to slow running Business Process Definitions (BPDs)" to illustrate best practice in detail. The solution can be used to address other scenarios easily, with minor changes.

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