Friday, 4 April 2014

WebSphere Portal 8 - Unified Task List Portlet with BPM 8.5

It's been a while since I posted anything about WebSphere Portal.

When I started this blog, seven years ago, I was working in the Technical Sales team, within the IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) Brand of IBM's Software Group ( fka Lotus ), and WebSphere Portal was one of the software products upon which I specialised, along with IBM Connections ( fka Lotus Connections ) and IBM Web Content Manager ( fka IBM Lotus Web Content Management ).

Times have a-changed, and I now focus on pure WebSphere technologies, including ( ironically ) PureApplication System ( did you see what I did there ? ), IBM Business Process Manager etc. In fact, if it runs on WebSphere Application Server OR is cloudy, I work on it :-)

That being said, someone pinged me a few weeks ago with regard to the Unified Task List portlet, on which I last worked in late 2012.

So, long story short, here's a new Wiki article that should answer the question that I was most recently asked - does UTL work with BPM 8.5 ?

The answer is …. YES :-)

This document describes how to configure the Unified Task List portlet in Portal 8 to handle tasks within IBM BPM 8.5.

( Note that this document is in the IBM BPM Wiki - so the credentials may be different to other IBM Wikis, developerWorks etc. )

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