Tuesday, 12 May 2015

IBM Integration Designer - 101

I'm learning to get to grips with IBM Integration Designer (IID) at present, hence my post on the WUG here: -

Part of my self-enablement has come from a pair of tutorials, cannily called Hello World, that I found a few days ago: -

I was using older ( version 7.5.1 ) editions of these two tutorials, although they worked perfectly ( user errors notwithstanding !! ).

However, here's the more up-to-date source for the most recent versions of IBM BPM: -

Interestingly, Hello World seems to have disappeared with the latest version of the product.

In addition, BPM 8.5.6 also has some tutorials in the Knowledge Centre here: -

which is nice.


Manohar Nuthalapati said...

Hi guys anyone know how to test BPEL from API.. like how to invoke multiple web services and automate those to test the BPEL process...?

Dave Hay said...

Hi Manohar

I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but it's worth stating that a web service invocation can be used to start a BPEL process.

In effect, you'd add a Web Service Binding into your SCA Module, as an Export, which would then allow you to hit the target WS using a SOAP client ( SoapUI etc. ) and invoke the BPEL.

Have a look at the Knowledge Centre here: -


Cheers, Dave

Nicolas Acosta said...


Anyone know how can I do the integration between IBM Process Center (BPM 8.5) and SCM of RTC 6

Thanks in advance

Dave Hay said...

Hi Nicolas

This may help: -

Using software configuration management systems

Remember that Process Center IS an SCM solution for Process Applications and Toolkits, so exporting snapshots from PC to store in RTC may well be overkill.

Cheers, Dave

Nicolas Acosta said...

Thanks Dave, I think that I didn´t ask my question well. What I am trying to do is use RTC as repository for assets developed in BPM. What I have read so far is that is possible just with Integration Designer and not with Process designer. But I don know how do that.

Dave Hay said...


So, to be 100% clear, Process Center is typically the best repository for BPM artefacts ( Process Application and Toolkit snapshots ). Process Center can/should be used to deploy snapshots to connected Process Servers ( online deployment ) or to disconnected Process Servers ( offline deployment ).

In both cases, Process Center remains the "single version of the truth".

Whilst you can export snapshots ( as TWX exports ) to be hosted within a SCM solution such as RTC, that's not necessarily a great move, as you then end up with multiple "versions of the truth".

From experience elsewhere, I'd typically use an artefact repository to keep a record of deployable artefacts BUT stick with Process Center during the development process.

Final comment, remember that BPM ( Process Center ) is an iterative development process, leveraging Agile principles etc. e.g. business user involvement, planning poker, Kanban, short sprints, frequent playbacks, Minimal Viable Product etc. and keeping artefacts in Process Center facilitates that.

Cheers, Dave