Monday, 21 September 2015

WebSphere Liberty Profile and IBM Installation Manager - A Marriage

From this: -

To try out the Liberty profile and use the Liberty profile to develop applications that run on the WebSphere® Application Server Liberty profile or full profile, you can download a no-charge, unsupported edition from the WASdev download page.

To use the Liberty profile in a production environment with guaranteed service levels and IBM® support, you must purchase WebSphere Application Server (base), WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, WebSphere Application Server Express®, or WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core. The Liberty profile is included with these editions and can also be downloaded separately, as an edition-specific Java archive (JAR) file, from 
Passport Advantage® Online. The associated service is available from Fix Central. If you download and install the Liberty profile from an unsupported JAR or ZIP file, you can later purchase a supported edition and upgrade the license for your existing installation.

I'll be shortly penning an article on the installation of Liberty and Java using IBM Installation Manager .......

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