Friday, 8 April 2016

IBM Business Monitor - CWMAX4203E: RESTSecurityAdminMBean instance was not found

I saw this error earlier: -

CWMAX4203E: RESTSecurityAdminMBean instance was not found.

whilst checking my Monitor models, in IBM Business Monitor 8.5.5, after making some SSL/TLS related changes between WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and DB2.

I saw this when I navigated to Applications > Monitor Models.

This caused me to briefly panic.

Thankfully, I found that someone had seen a similar issue, documented in a Problem Management Report (PMR).

For context, in order to make my configuration changes, I needed to have the Deployment Manager running, in order to import two new SSL signer certificates and also select two new, specific, TLS ciphers.

Therefore, I was changing the Deployment Manager configuration, before manually synchronising the node agents.

This meant that, briefly, the DM tried and failed to connect to DB2.

I suspect that this was root cause - from reading the PMR, I believe that a WAS component, LifecycleServicesStartup, starts RESTSecurityAdminMBean during the server startup.

Long story short, I restarted the Deployment Manager, and the problem went away.

I did double-check that: -

(a) I could access my list of Monitor models
(b) click into any specific Model, and see a nice set of green ticks

(c) generate a set of updated Cognos cubes for the Model

which is nice

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