Monday, 24 October 2016

IBM SoftLayer - VPN Client showing "Incorrect username or password"

For context, I'm connecting to IBM SoftLayer using the ArraySSL VPN client, as per this: -

This is via a Mac running macOS Sierra 10.12.

Having pumped in the target SoftLayer service, and my credentials, I saw this: -

upon login.

This baffled me for a time, especially as I couldn't find any reference to a Login Method called localdb.

To debug it, I started the VPN client from a command line: -


specifically so I could see the responses from the client in the Terminal console log: -

016-10-24 14:37:18.260: failed to login, wrong user or password, try again
2016-10-24 14:37:18.260: vpncallback: code 13, error 37
2016-10-24 14:37:18.260: UI sdk callback login,err is 37
2016-10-24 14:37:40.376: login callback isn't prcessed by upper layer.

This made me check (1) my sanity and (2) my VPN credentials.

I navigated to the SoftLayer dashboard: -

and, post authentication, updated my VPN password: -

Once I did this, and clicked the Save Changes button, and ensured that the newly entered VPN credentials were plugged in there.

Now I'm in like Flynn, which is nice :-)

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