Tuesday, 27 March 2018

IBM UrbanCode Deploy and WebSphere Liberty Profile - Now playing nicely

A few months back, I'd experienced an issue using UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) to download/deploy WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP).

The TL;DR; of the issue was that the UCD Plugin that's provided by the WLP team to handle the installation failed to preserve the executable permissions of the WLP binaries.

In other words, the Plugin would download the requisite WLP JAR/ZIP file to the target server ( upon which he UCD Agent is running ), expand it into a directory such as /opt/ibm/WebSphere/Liberty/wlp BUT not preserve the executable permissions.

This meant that one wasn't then able to actually use WLP, without changing the permissions ( via chmod +x ).

Thankfully, this has now been fixed with the latest version ( 18 ) of the WLP Plugin: -

I wrote about this more fully here: -

Again, YAY!

For the record, this is the version that I had been using: -



and this is what I have now: -


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