Tuesday, 5 January 2021

HTTP 403 - Unauthorized - REST API being hexed ...

 A colleague had an interesting challenge this AM, with a REST API authorisation failure.

The API call, using the POST verb, should have just worked, but she was seeing: -

   "message" : "Unauthorized",
   "statusCode" : 403

From an authorisation perspective, the cURL command was using an environment, ACCESS_TOKEN, which had been previously set via a prior Bash script, via this: -

—H "authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}"

Having copied the command that she was running, I saw the same exception even though similar POST verbs worked for me.

After much digging, I realised the problem; her cURL command should have included this: -

-H "authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}"

Hmm, looks pretty identical, right ?


For some weird reason, the hyphen ( - ) in my colleague's command wasn't actually a hyphen.

I ended up using hexedit to dig into the failing command: -

where those strange-looking period ( . ) symbols were actually: -

20 E2 80  94 48 20

rather than: -

20 2D 48  20

So the failing command had hex E2 80 94 whereas the working command had hex 2D, before the letter H ( which is hex 48 ).

I'm guessing that this was a copy/paste-induced bug, but it was fun digging .....

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