Monday, 15 February 2021

I learn something new each and every day - finding big files on macOS

 This came up in the context of a colleague trying to work out what's eating his Mac's disk.

Whilst I'm familiar with using the built-in Storage Management app, which includes a Recommendations tab: -

I'd not realised that there's an easy way to look for files, based upon size, using the mdfind command: -

mdfind "kMDItemFSSize >$[1024*1024*1024]"

/Users/hayd/Virtual Machines.localized/Ubuntu.vmwarevm
/Users/hayd/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows10.vmwarevm

Now my example is looking for really large files - 1024^3 - or, to be more specific, files exceeding 1 GB in size, but it's good to know .....

Yay, VMware Fusion and macOS Big Sur - no longer "NAT good friends" - forgive the double negative and the terrible pun ...

After macOS 11 Big Sur was released in 2020, VMware updated their Fusion product to v12 and, sadly, managed to break Network Address Trans...