Monday, 15 February 2021

I learn something new each and every day - finding big files on macOS

 This came up in the context of a colleague trying to work out what's eating his Mac's disk.

Whilst I'm familiar with using the built-in Storage Management app, which includes a Recommendations tab: -

I'd not realised that there's an easy way to look for files, based upon size, using the mdfind command: -

mdfind "kMDItemFSSize >$[1024*1024*1024]"

/Users/hayd/Virtual Machines.localized/Ubuntu.vmwarevm
/Users/hayd/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows10.vmwarevm

Now my example is looking for really large files - 1024^3 - or, to be more specific, files exceeding 1 GB in size, but it's good to know .....

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