Wednesday 16 February 2022

IBM Cloud Object Storage - where's my GUID

Before we start, GUID is an abbreviation for Globally Unique Identifier. It's a relatively widely used acronym, but I'd hate to assume that it's commonly known.

So, whilst doing some work with IBM Cloud, I needed to locate the GUID for my IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) instance.

Whilst this IS available from the web UI, it's not totally easy to find ...

For me, it's available via the Resources page under the Storage twistie: -

If I then click on either the Group ( Default ) or the Location ( Global ) or
the Product Cloud Object Storage ), a slide-in appears on the right-hand side of the page, with details of the instance including the GUID: -

The key thing is to NOT click on the actual instance name e.g. Cloud Object Storage-dp ( in my case ), as that's a hyperlink that takes one INTO the actual instance.

As an alternative, and perhaps better for scripting and automation, the GUID is available "programmatically" : -

ic resource service-instance "Cloud Object Storage-dp" --output JSON | jq -r .[].guid


which is much better ....

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