Wednesday 16 March 2022

ZSH and history - going back in time

OK, so this didn't take long to "fix" ...

As an ex-Bash user, I've had an alias setup on all my Unix boxen to allow me to list out my shell's history, without line numbers.

So, therefore, rather than typing: -


and seeing line numbers, such as these: -

  989  podman version
  990  cd
  991  hostname
  992  ls -al ~/.ssh
  993  ls -al ~/.ssh
  994  date
  995  cat ~/.ssh/readme.txt

I have an alias setup: -

hist='history | cut -c 8-'

which returns much the same but without line numbers e.g.

ls -al ~/.ssh
ls -al ~/.ssh
cat ~/.ssh/readme.txt

This alias was setup in ~/.bash_profile and is now set up in ~/.zshenv.

However, I'd noticed that hist would only ever return the last 16 commands ...

This was easily solved: -

History accepts a range in zsh entries as [first] [last] arguments, so to get them all run history 0.

Therefore, I just needed to update my alias: -

alias hist='history 0 | cut -c 8-'

and now I see everything.....

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