Wednesday 27 April 2022

Munging JSON with JQ - without using grep and awk

Further to a previous post: -

Grep AND awk

I wanted to achieve much the same, but only using jq

So here we go: -

ic is images --output JSON | jq -r '.[] | {,Architecture:.operating_system.architecture,Status:.status} | select((.Name | contains("ubuntu")) and (.Architecture | startswith("s390x")) and (.Status | startswith("available")))'

which returns: -

  "Name": "ibm-ubuntu-18-04-1-minimal-s390x-3",
  "Architecture": "s390x",
  "Status": "available"

as opposed to the alternative: -

ic is images | awk '/s390x/ && /ubuntu/ && /available/'

r018-e3d94080-972f-4f18-8a79-60a12d0b61c2   ibm-ubuntu-18-04-1-minimal-s390x-3                 available    s390x   ubuntu-18-04-s390x                   18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Minimal Install   2               public       provider     none         -   

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