Monday 17 April 2023

IBM Cloud and JQ - more querying fun

 A colleague laid down a challenge - well, he didn't actually lay it down, he merely posted a single-line script that used awk and sed and grep - so I decided to build a better mousetrap ...

The requirement ... to query one's IBM Cloud account for Kubernetes (K8s) clusters, in this case leveraging the IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS) offering, and report the cluster name and the flavour ( flavor to our US friends )

Here is up with what I ended: -

for i in $(ic cs cluster ls --provider vpc-gen2 --output JSON | jq -r '.[].name'); do echo "Cluster Name:" $i; echo -n "Flavor: "; ic cs workers --cluster $i --output JSON | jq -r '.[].flavor'; done

which resulted in: -

Cluster Name: davehay-14042023

Flavor: bx2.4x16

Cluster Name: davehay-15042023

Flavor: bx2.4x16

In essence, I list the clusters in the account ( across all regions ), specifically those using the Virtual Private Cloud Generation 2 ( vpc-gen2 ) provider, grab and output the name, and then use the name to inspect the cluster and report on it's flavor ( sic ).

Rather than using awk and sed and grep etc. I chose to use jq, working on the assumption that all of our engineers will have that installed as it's a ubiquitous tool these days.

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