Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Awesome - Workplace Forms and WebSphere Portal integration

I've known about the options for integration between Workplace Forms and
WebSphere Portal for some long time now, but have only just had a chance
to play with one of the specific integration points - Portal Document

Whilst attending an event in Paris, I've just worked through a lab that
took me through building a form from scratch ( which I've done before,
but not for a while ), and then plugging it into PDM via a special set
of buttons, wizards etc.

This includes providing a workflow to allow template forms to be
approved for general use, allowing users to complete, sign and submit a
form, and then having the approver validate the form within the workflow
itself. In this context, all of the workflow routing is done within PDM

It's not an end-to-end solution in its own right, but it's a great place
to start............

See: -

for further details.

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