Friday, 25 May 2007

Unashamed Plug ( not for me, but for others ) - Programming Portlets: From JSR 168 to WebSphere Portal Extensions

Experienced programmers and developers who are new to portal programming
or to WebSphere Portal will find accessible and essential information on
the features and functionality of portal development with this updated
reference. Covering the building blocks of developing portals and their
applications, particularly JSR 168, this handbook offers software
engineers advice on enhancing their current skills, staying current in
the latest portal developments, and developing portlets for specific
standards. This new edition has extensive JSR 168 material and revised
technical information including WebSphere Portal (v6), Portlet Factory,
and Workplace Forms.

*About the Author*
*Ron Lynn* is a software engineer for IBM. He lives in Exeter,
California. *Peter Blinstrubas* is a portal consultant on the IBM
technical sales team. He lives in Prospect, Connecticut. *Joey Bernal*
has an extensive background in building portal and web applications. He
lives in Houston, Texas. *Usman Memon* is an IT architect with IBM's
Software Services for Lotus Raleigh Portal Technology Group. He lives in
Raleigh, North Carolina. *Cayce Marston* is a senior IT specialist
within the IBM technical sales team. He lives in Victoria, British
Columbia. *Tim Hanis* is the coauthor of /Mastering IBM WebSphere
Portal: Expert Guidance to Build and Deploy Portal Applications/. He
lives in Pearland, Texas. *Varadarjan Ramamoorthy *is a portal
consultant with IBM Software Services. He lives in Morrisville, North
Carolina. *Stefan Hepper* is the coauthor of the book/ Pervasive

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