Sunday, 30 March 2008

Lotus Quickr 8.1 - All installed ...

After three attempts, it's good to go. To be fair, the first failure was
my fault - I didn't clean up my Linux VMware image before attempting the

The second time failed due to the aforementioned problem with the /tmp
directory - still not sure why it seemed to lose the Write attribute but
...... c'est la vie.

Third time was lucky - and it's now installed and running.

Just starting to play now ...........


Unknown said...

I use to work with Quickplace a lot in the past. I understand that Quickr is the new name (although it has been around for a while now). What is it like these days?


Vaughan Rivett

Dave Hay said...

Hi Vaughan, although IBM were describing Quickr as "QuickPlace on steroids", it's far far more than that.

In my opinion, it's an extensible platform for collaborative, team-based applications, using a template-driven approach to create places/rooms, and a full set of client-side connectors to allow users to push/pull content into/out of Quickr using Office, Symphony, Notes, Outlook, Sametime and Windows Explorer.

As a portal dude, the component-based architecture being built on WebSphere Portal ( one of two deployment options ) makes a huge difference to me.

I'd recommend you go check it out on the Greenhouse


AK said...


I am new to the websphere Products.
right now i am set to work on Quickr.
I have WAS 6.1 and WPS 6.1 well Configured and running on windows xp.
Now as i have to work on Quickr , i have done some field work on setting up Quickr environment. Problem here is Quickr 8.1 doesnt use existing instances of portal and application server, is there any way to configure Quickr to work with existing portal and application server. please provide me step by step installation procedure of Quickr on windows as iam not much into administeration side.

Thanks and Regards,
Aravind Kathiroju.

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