Wednesday, 25 November 2009

WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management 6.1.5 are released ...

Wow, a rash of new announcements from IBM today: -

IBM WebSphere Portal V6.1.5 provides new features that further empower portal users, delivers improved capabilities for better portal performance and optimization, and adds support for popular Web programming tools and techniques that make it easier to contribute to, and manage, the portal. Combined with the Web 2.0 advances previously introduced in WebSphere Portal, these primary new features help organizations better deliver and manage exceptional Web user experiences.

IBM Lotus Web Content Management 6.1.5:
  • Unleashes the power of social software capabilities such as blogs and wikis to convert Web site visitors to participants and customers.
  • Reduces integration costs with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions by leveraging out-of-the-box Document Picker to access content from ECM repositories such as FileNet, IBM Content Manager, and Quickr.
  • Uses Web Content Integrator to provide incremental value by consuming and publishing of external content repositories.
  • Enhances ease-of-use by enabling authoring of content and template creation using tools such as Dreamweaver and WebDAV hooks.
  • Enhances rich text editor capabilities by embedding Ephox's EditLive Editor, thus, eliminating the need for separate installation.

Portal Pack for SOA Configurations V6.1.5 gives you the essential components needed to accelerate time-to-value for "people" interactions and collaboration, while also deriving additional value from existing systems and applications, taking advantage of service oriented architecture (SOA). It features the latest IBM WebSphere Portal Server V6.1.5 release, which provides capabilities that further empower portal users to contribute to, as well as manage, portal content and presentation. It also delivers improved portal performance and optimization capabilities, which can help contribute to a lower cost-of-ownership.

Guess what I will be downloading tomorrow ...


Marcus Khoo said...

Nice summary Dave. Thanks

Jaya said...


Can you tell me how can i create a blog in WCM. I find few library that are available out-of box. If I have create from scratch how should i do?

Dave Hay said...


I'd suggest that you take a look at the Information Centre here: -



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