Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sametime 8.5 - Should You Wait and Other Burning Questions?

An extremely useful posting from Gabriella Davis at Turtle Partnership, that's definitely worth a read if you're considering the newly-released Sametime 8.5 product set: -

As most of you know by now, Sametime 8.5 and all its new components shipped yesterday.  In summary Sametime 8.5 offers you:
  • Community  Server on a Domino platform (supported for Domino 8.5 but otherwise little changed from ST8.0.2)
  • Meeting Server on WAS 7.0 (replaces existing Domino based scheduled meetings with persistent, always available, meeting 'spaces')
  • Media Server on WAS 7.0 (audio and video services for the Meeting Server)
  • Proxy Server on WAS 7.0 (no download Ajax browser client for IM, customisable / brandable via CSS) 
The whole environment is then managed by the Sametime System Console on WAS 7.0. 

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