Monday, 18 January 2010

Installing WebSphere Portal Server 6.1.5 on Windows ...

Whilst working to help out a colleague who was struggling with the download of the relevant images, I was able to successfully download and install WebSphere Portal Server 6.1.5 onto Windows ( I'm using XP as a dev. environment, running under VMware Fusion 3 on my Mac ).

I used the following script to unpack the images: -

unzip -d c:\temp\W-Setup
unzip -d c:\temp\W-1
unzip -d c:\temp\W-2
unzip -d c:\temp\W-3
unzip -d c:\temp\W-4
unzip -d c:\temp\W-5
unzip -d c:\temp\W-5A

using the ubiquitous unzip.exe tool ( part of PKZip iirc ) to expand the ZIP files.

Hope this helps ...


Tim Poultney said...

Thanks Dave, just what I was looking for.

jjrgutierrez said...

I am trying to download a trial version of Websphere Portal but at official IBM site it is not available. Could you send me where to download it? Or perhaps could you share with me your installation files?

Dave Hay said...

@jrgutierrez thanks for your comment - I'd wait for this page to be updated: -

Given that WebSphere Portal 7 has just been released, it's possible that IBM will update the trial to that new release.

Alternatively, you might wish to try using a copy of WebSphere Portal on Amazon EC2 at: -

jjrgutierrez said...

Thank you for your response. I'd tried the link that you sent me before but it is not available. A label tells that it is being refreshed, perhaps as you said because new one version. So I will try to use Amazon one.

Thank you very much