Wednesday, 18 February 2015

IBM Integration Designer 8.5.5 - "Unable to get property isExists of undefined or null reference"

I saw this exception: -

Unable to get property isExists of undefined or null reference

when trying to install IBM Integration Designer (IID) 8.5.5 onto a Windows 7 VM. I also saw precisely the same issue when trying to install onto a Windows 8.1 VM.

The source installation files were on a VMware shared folder, mapped to the guest Windows OS, either via a UNC path or via an old-fashioned drive letter e.g. X: 

If it helps, I was using VMware Workstation on Windows 7 to host …. Windows 7 and VMware Fusion on Mac OS X to host Windows 8.1, but that's not important right now.

Long story short, this developerWorks forum thread: -

reported the same issue and, even more importantly, provided me with a solution: -

We were also receiving the error "unable to get property 'available Size' of undefined or null reference" while installing BPM. Earlier the installables were in D drive and we were trying to install it in the C drive.

We tried moving the installables to C drive, re-extracted it, installed and it was successful.

Once I copied the installation files into the VM i.e. onto the C: drive of the guest, thus avoiding shared folders, UNCs, drive X: etc., all was well.

For the record, the exception came via the Launchpad installer, which appears to wrap up Internet Explorer under the covers, most likely hence the JavaScript-style error message.

Sweet :-)


Gaurav said...

copy the installation files on c drive and works for me..

Dave Hay said...

@Guarav - yep, that's what I found :-)

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