Monday, 30 March 2015

IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.0.1 Fix Pack

This came via my IBM colleague, Dan Selman, through the medium of Twitter: -

This cumulative fix pack updates WebSphere Operational Decision Management V8.7.0 to V8.7.0.1.

IBM provides periodic fixes for the Operational Decision Manager family (formerly known as WebSphere Operational Decision Management). The following is a complete list of fixes for the components IBM Decision Server and IBM Decision Center.


Unknown said...

Event wasn't working so I attempting to add the fixpack but it won't since it says that the repository in not connected
even though I idid all my install from my local disk and I have this connected.
So now not sure what to do next?

Dave Hay said...

Hi Unknown ( interesting handle ! )

Please can you walk me through the process you're following, as you made reference to Event.

Do you mean ODM Events ? If so, my post related to ODM Rules, and the URL that you've posted relates to Decision Center.

In addition, the fact that you're looking at a web-based repository suggests that you're trying to install the fixpack in "connected" mode, with IBM Installation Manager connecting out to the internet.

Is that your intention ?

For me, my servers are typically off-line, which is why I download / use the fix packs to a repository, and then use IBM Installation Manager to install them via a response file.

Cheers, Dave

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