Sunday, 22 March 2015

TP-Link Powerline Adapters - Failing on Pairing

I've just spent ~1 hour trying to get a pair of Powerline adapters to .... pair.

This involved pressing a "Pair" button on one adapter and then running through the house to press the corresponding "Pair" button on its .... pair.

The answer ?

RTFM ( Read The Flippin' Manual )

To paraphrase: -

Step 1:
Press and hold the Pair button of Powerline adapter A for 1 second, the Power LED will start flashing.

Step 2:
In 120 seconds, please press and hold the Pair button of adapter B for 1 second, the Power LED will start flashing. About 60 seconds later, the Powerline LED on both adapters will light up.

The key ?

Yes, press for ONE second.

For the record, I have the TP-Link AV200 WiFi adapter ( with two Ethernet ports ), connected to my TV and my Humax PVR, plus an associated adapter next to my router. I've got another one lurking around somewhere else, connected to my NAS and my Mac Mini.


IdoNotes said...

Did you consider pairing them on the same plug or same room then moving it? Thats how I did all of mine during testing

Howard Greenberg said...

I think I called support and they had me use the software to pair them rather than the button. It worked then.

Dave Hay said...

Calling a helpdesk, that's such an old-school thing to do, this from me who used to work in a helpdesk back in the 1990s :-)

Dave Hay said...

@Chris, no, that'd be far too sensible, and I need the room-to-room exercise :-)

A Voice in the Wind said...

After I paired them once I thought I had to re-pair them again on a new plug... I was wrong. You're not alone on silliness with these.

Dave Hay said...

Yeah, when they work, they're awesome ....

john lowe said...

This may sound stupid but when trying the same plug/room technique do they both need to be plugged into the appropriate device? In other words, do I need to kart the tv over to the where the phone socket is?

Dave Hay said...


Good question. For me, it was simpler to plug all three PowerLine adapters into a four-way "gang" socket, set them all up, and then move each adapter to its target location - behind the router, behind the TV, behind the PC desk etc.

Cheers, Dave