Monday, 27 July 2015

How to handle SIB messaging engine functionality, if fail over occur at database server side (in case of data store as message store)?

Have I mentioned how good developerWorks Answers is ?

If not, it's really very good.

Here's an example: -


Would like to know more details about Messaging Engine functionality if data base is failed over to other other server. Is there any way to configure the failover database server names in WebSphere Application Server if primary database server is down and secondary take over the DB functionality?


If you are using data store as message store and lost the connection to the database you can tune the detection of database connection loss to decide how messaging engine functionality should behave. If the connection between a running messaging engine and its data store is lost, either due to a failure or because you stop the database for maintenance, you can ensure that the messaging engine functions correctly after the connection is restored, by configuring the server to restart automatically.

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