Wednesday, 8 July 2015

IBM Integration Bus - Where's my WSDL ?

I'm playing with HTTP Input and SOAP Input Nodes in IBM Integration Bus 9 right now, which is nice.

I'm following someone else's tutorial: -

In part 2, he says: -

which confused me because I did NOT have the Generate option: -

Then I checked the IBM Integration Bus Knowledge Centre: -

which says, in part: -

Tip: If you need to generate a WSDL document, you must first enable message set development in the IBM® Integration Toolkit. For more information, see Enabling message set development.

I did as instructed, and saw: -

Once I checked the Enable menus for Message Set development box and clicked OK, I was back in the game: -

To be fair, this does make sense, given what the IIB preferences page says: -

The tutorial was written in 2011 for WebSphere Message Broker.

I'll experiment further ....


Unknown said...

Thank you sir it worked for me. :)

Dave Hay said...

Yay, thanks for letting me know