Thursday, 27 August 2015

Building and deploying business monitor models for IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 processes

I saw this on Twitter and thought of .... well, everyone :-)

Learn how you can generate a monitor model from IBM® Business Process Manager V8.5 and deploy the monitor model in an IBM Business Monitor server installed in a separate WebSphere® cell. This content is part of the IBM Business Process Management Journal.

IBM Integration Designer (hereafter called Integration Designer) provides the capability to generate a monitor model from your IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) project. This tutorial will show you how to generate such a monitor model and subsequently deploy the monitor model to an IBM Business Monitor server, which runs in a cell separate from the IBM BPM hosting cell. The process model developer will need to turn the tracking on in the Process Designer for elements that will need to be monitored in the process.

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