Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Packt Publishing - Skill Up

I've written about Packt Publishing before, and they asked me to mention their current campaign: -

Check out the results of this survey and discover what everyone thinks will be the next big thing in tech and what skills the biggest earners in your sector have under their belt.

At Packt we're committed to helping the world put software to work in new ways and have launched a whole range of exclusive offers to help you to Skill Up:

1. Every eBook and Video is now available for $10! Check out our Top 20 here.
2. Grab some great course bundles  - 5 for $25 on every Video and eBook based on your most essential skills.
3. PacktLib with over 3000 titles in our library at a reduced rate of $80 for a limited time.

I've bought a fair few books from Packt over the past few years, and I'll definitely be looking to add some more to my collection, perhaps focusing upon my current interests including security and DevOps.

Worth a look .......

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