Monday, 7 December 2015

How to tune a guitar and a Business Process Manager (BPM) topology at the same time

I found this whilst searching for something pertaining to Java2 Security: -


As such, here's a quick checklist of tuning tips that cover all areas of your IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) environment:

  • Use a 64-bit JVM for all servers.
  • Disable tracing, logging, and monitoring when possible.
  • Ensure all of your databases are well-tuned.
  • If security is required, use Application security, not Java2 security.
  • Use an appropriate hardware configuration for performance measurement (not notebooks or desktops).
  • If hardware virtualization is used, ensure that adequate processor, memory, and I/O resources are allocated to each virtual machine.
  • Minimize network latency and ensure sufficient network bandwidth between all systems in the configuration.
  • Do not run production servers in development mode or with a development profile.
  • Tune external service providers and external interfaces to ensure that they do not cause a system bottleneck.
  • Configure:
    • Message-driven bean (MDB) activation specifications.
    • Thread pool sizes.
    • Settings of data sources for connection pool size and prepared statement cache size.
  • Increase the maximum number of connections in the data pool to greater than or equal to the sum of all maximum thread pool sizes.

This list represents just the fundamental requirements for optimal performance. See IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 Performance Tuning and Best Practices, REDP-4935-00 for a complete list of tuning recommendations for all areas of your IBM Business Process Manager topology. 


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