Saturday, 6 February 2016

IBM BPM - Process Federation Server Tutorial

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Learn how to install and configure the IBM® Process Federation Server to work with two back-end IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) systems. Give your IBM BPM process users a single point of access to all their tasks.

With the different development paths for Business Process Choreographer and Business Process Designer in IBM BPM, varied deployment environments, and coexistence of multiple product versions, the demand for one user interface for interacting with tasks related to both business process definitions (BPDs) and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is becoming more urgent.

With a single task list user interface, the users of your process applications can work on individual tasks, unaware of the different and complex back-end systems.

IBM Process Federation Server is based on the IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile server. It provides application programming interface (API) access to lists of resources that are federated across IBM BPM systems, such as the task list and launch list. It includes the distributed index for the federated environment that is based on an Elasticsearch service. The Elasticsearch service provides fast access to federated resources, and relieves federated IBM BPM systems from expensive queries.

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