Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Trumpet Blowing - The Andy and Dave Show at InterConnect 2016

My frolleague, Andy Garratt, and I co-presented at InterConnect in Vegas last week, and our materials have just been posted: -

Smarter Process Discovery and Design focuses on the people, the systems, and how to make the process Smarter; that is, the functional requirements. But this is only half the story. Neglecting non-functional Requirements (NFRs) upfront can lead to big problems later on. This session covers the key BPM NFRs, such as: Performance—why response-time does not equal throughput; compatibility and interoperability with other systems; operability—can you run it once it's live?; maintainability—can you patch and upgrade it?; migration and versioning of processes; accessibility and usability; and availability—HA and DR. Come and find out which of these NFRs need to be added to your agile backlog, so you don't have to fix them in production!

BPM talks about "project to program"—but can your BPM architecture and implementation keep up with your business needs, especially in a large enterprise? What makes it big? What influences the size of your BPM implementation? How many environments should you have... and how many do you need? How many BPM instances do you need, and what should they look like? How should you distribute your processes around your infrastructure? How can you scale BPM and what are the scaling options? What kinds of processes are there, and why does it matter? Business Process decisions can have big impacts on the technical implementation. Come and find out what these impacts are, and how to make sure your big BPM avoids big problems!

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