Monday, 5 December 2016

Troubleshooting Web Services Performance Problems In IBM WebSphere Application Server With Web Services Performance (WSPerf) Trace

This is my current "think" as I'm digging into some BPM performance challenges: -

The WSPerf trace is a feature of IBM WebSphere Application Server. The WSPerf is a troubleshooting aid to assist analysts to resolve web services problems, especially performance problems. WSPerf trace can be used to analyze the speed of web services message traffic in IBM's WebSphere Application Server web services engine. WSPerf trace helps to narrow down likely suspects for root-cause problem determination. WSPerf trace is a subset of the full web services engine trace. The full engine trace is seen in MustGather: Web Services engine and tooling problems for WebSphere Application Server.

Web services problems, especially message traffic performance problems, can arise form many different possible root causes. Some examples include, any application running in WebSphere EJB or Web Container, IBM BPM, WebSphere Portal, and WebSphere Commerce. What this article discusses, is how to understand, use, and exploit the WSPerf trace feature.

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