Thursday, 23 February 2017

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

I heard about this thanks to Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation (GRC), thanks to his excellent Security Now podcast.

In essence, it's an WIP book on cryptography, produced by Dan Boneh of Stanford University  and Victor Shoup of New York University.

Here's an excerpt from the ToC: -

Part I: Secret key cryptography
• Introduction
• Encryption
• Stream ciphers
• Block ciphers
• Chosen plaintext attacks
• Message integrity
• Message integrity from universal hashing
• Message integrity from collision resistant hashing
• Authenticated encryption
Part II: Public key cryptography
• Public key tools
• Public key encryption
• Chosen ciphertext secure public-key encryption
• Digital signatures
• Fast signatures from one-way functions
• Analysis of number theoretic assumptions
• Elliptic curve cryptography and pairings
• Lattice based cryptography

Definitely worth downloading ….

For the record, the show notes for Security Now are on Steve's site here: -

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