Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Course - IBM WebSphere Liberty Deployment to Docker with Migration to Bluemix

IBM WebSphere Liberty Deployment to Docker with Migration to Bluemix

This course teaches you how to run Liberty applications in Docker containers on IBM Bluemix. The course consists entirely of exercises; there are no lecture units.

This course is a BYOD / BYOE (Bring Your Own Device / Environment) course. It requires you to use your own computing device as the lab environment. You download and install Docker Toolbox, which provides a Docker environment in the Windows environment. You use several Docker images and containers to explore the Docker interfaces and functions. You explore the port mappings and the intricacies of dealing with Docker Toolbox and its relationship with the Docker containers.

You deploy applications to reinforce the concepts and the relationships between the host, Docker Toolbox, and the Docker containers. You investigate some of the advantages of using Docker containers over a virtual machine by looking at the resources that are used when starting multiple containers.

You use the WebSphere Liberty Docker image and send it to IBM Bluemix. This image is run as a Docker container in IBM Bluemix.

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