Tuesday, 4 April 2017

IBM Microservice Builder (Beta): Come Build Dockerized Microservices With Us - TODAY - April 4, 2017

Saw this on Slack earlier today: -

You are INVITED to attend webcast titled "Microservice Builder (Beta): Come Build Dockerized Microservices With Us" sponsored by Chicago N-W Integration and Cloud Computing WUG.

Overview: Microservices architecture is rapidly gaining traction as the choice of software architecture pattern to compose and release software more rapidly and predictably which in turn allows organizations to respond more effectively to their customers' needs. With the recent release of Microservice Builder (beta), IBM is introducing a turnkey approach to learning, building, running and managing applications in a microservices framework. In this sessions, we will demonstrate step-by-step guidance provided by Microservice Builder, to help developers learn about the intricacies of developing scale-out apps, rapidly compose and build innovative services, and deploy them to various stages using pre-integrated DevOps pipeline. Microservice Builder (Beta) provides a Microprofile.io based programming model for writing Java based microservices. The generated containerized app can then be seamlessly deployed on your laptop, or on-premise Kubernetes orchestrated Docker environments or off-premises Bluemix. 

Speakers: David Currie, Senior Software Engineer, WebSphere Application Server Development and Raj Suryavanshi, Product Manager, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Remote Server

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