Thursday, 7 September 2017

Node-RED on IBM Bluemix - Deleting Wires

So this caused me grief for a brief period, until I turned to Google :-)

I am editing a flow in Node-RED on IBM Bluemix 

and wanted to delete a connection ( line ) between two nodes, as illustrated above.

Now how the heck can I do this ? I tried clicking the right-hand mouse button

( I'm using Chrome )

but that wasn't too useful.

I tried double-clicking on the offending connection .. no dice

Then I turned to Google and found this: -

Hold down shift while dragging from the end of the wire you want to move

In essence, I held down the shift key and dragged the connection away from the node and … let go.

Simples :-)


NotesSensei said...

Selecting the wire and press Del does the trick too

Dave Hay said...

Doh, how could I have forgotten that ? Cheers, mate, must be getting old ....... wassat ? Pesky kids, get off my lawn :-)

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