Tuesday, 19 September 2017

This time, it's about a freezer

So almost all of my blog posts are technical, and most involve some kind of IT and/or IBM product or service.,

This time, whilst still technology, it's all about …. freezers.

We recently took delivery of a Zanussi ZFT10210WA freezer, and hit a problem ….

Specifically, it was a UI problem.

More specifically, the UI didn't match the documentation ( available as a PDF here ).

This is what the documentation has: -

whereas the freezer looks more like this: -

In other words, how can I set it to -16 degrees C when the Temperature Regulator knob only shows 1-6 ?

I tried Zanussi's support page: -

but they don't actually list freezers there: -

so I tried the email address on the page: -

which bounced back.

I also tried the other email address on the page ( hover over one and the other one is revealed below ): -

but that also bounced back.

Thankfully, I found a Twitter page for @Zanussi_UK  which, despite not having much activity since June 2016, did include a Tweet with an old email address: -

I emailed this address: -

and they came straight back with this: -

Thank you for your email below, I'm sorry that the user manual is not showing the correct information.
I can confirm that the temperature control within the freezer section should be set  between 3-4 on the dial, this will reduce the temperature to between -16 and -18 degrees.


which is nice.

Thankfully, I already had the dial set midway between 3 and 4, which was a lucky guess.

So, the moral of the story ?

Try the web, try email, try Twitter, and then try email again :-)

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