Wednesday, 24 January 2018

IBM Business Process Manager Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide

I was writing to a colleague about planning for an IBM BPM installation, and thought to recommend that he review this: -

This guide takes you through the steps for installing and configuring IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM).

If you are migrating business data and applications from a previous version, use the Interactive Migration Guide instead of this guide. The Interactive Migration Guide generates instructions for a complete migration, including installing and configuring the product.

The Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide works best in supported versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox on Windows. In most instances, the generated output is restricted to supported installation scenarios. However, it might be possible to generate an unsupported set of instructions. For information about supported installation scenarios, go to the IBM Support Portal or use the installation roadmaps.

The Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide uses installation and configuration rules and considerations that are described in other topics. Each of those topics is accessible to screen readers, but the Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide itself is not fully accessible. For fully accessible information, use the installation topics as an alternative to using the Interactive Installation and Configuration Guide.

This is a really good way to generate a nice printable ( or, better still, PDFable ) set of instructions.

Thanks IBM

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