Wednesday, 3 January 2018

VMware - Driving it from the command-line

I blogged about this a while back: -

but I've rediscovered the VMware CLI.

On my Ubuntu box, I'm using VMrun: -

vmrun list

Total running VMs: 3

and: -

vmrun suspend /home/hayd/vmware/icpproxy/icpproxy.vmx
vmrun suspend /home/hayd/vmware/icpworker/icpworker.vmx
vmrun suspend /home/hayd/vmware/icpboot/icpboot.vmx

and then on the Mac, I'm doing this: -

vmrun start "/Users/davidhay/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/BPM855.vmwarevm/BPM855.vmx"

and: -

vmrun stop "/Users/davidhay/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/BPM855.vmwarevm/BPM855.vmx"

and: -

vmrun clone "/Users/davidhay/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/BPM855.vmwarevm/BPM855.vmx" "/Users/davidhay/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/BPM86.vmwarevm/BPM86.vmx" full

and: -

vmrun start "/Users/davidhay/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/BPM86.vmwarevm/BPM86.vmx"

which is, as ever, always nice

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