Wednesday, 28 November 2018

IBM Notes on macOS - Aiding my memory ....

So one of my colleagues asked about this earlier ….

He was writing a memo, a nice long memo, and then, alas, Notes crashed …..

And he lost the draft memo ….

And he didn't know that Notes has autosave which, of course, is NOT on by default :-(

For reference, it's a Preference on macOS - use the [Cmd] [,] to bring up the pane: -

and/or read this: -

In addition, whilst I'm here, if ever you're looking for the macOS equivalent to notes.ini, it is here: -


Some other useful reading: -

This session will begin with a comparison of Mac OS and Windows and continue with the process of installing & uninstalling Notes on Mac. The team will dive into known issues and must gather information when contacting Support. Notes supportability/limitations on Mac will also be included and we'll of course leave time for your questions!

plus this about where temporary files go to ( my lovely )

The answer can always be found from Terminal using a magic invocation such as this: -

sudo ls -R /private/var/folders | grep TemporaryItems | grep notes


which is always useful if you choose to edit an attached document within the context of a Memo and then forget to actually save the edited version somewhere other than Notes' temp folder ( which gets cleared when you restart the client ).


Aiden Gallagher said...

Said Colleague is very grateful! :)

Dave Hay said...

Glad to be of some use :-)

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