Thursday, 4 March 2021

Gah, again with the ImagePullBackOff

 So, following on from this: -

Gah, ImagePullBackOff with Calico CNI running on Kubernetes

I was again seeing this: -

kube-system   calico-node-lxmk4                          0/1     Init:ImagePullBackOff   0          5m26s

and, upon further digging: -

kubectl describe pod calico-node-lxmk4 --namespace kube-system

Type     Reason     Age                    From                   Message
----     ------     ----                   ----                   -------
Normal   Scheduled  5m47s                  default-scheduler      Successfully assigned kube-system/calico-node-lxmk4 to 667ceb40fc75
Normal   Pulling    4m24s (x4 over 5m46s)  kubelet, 667ceb40fc75  Pulling image ""
Warning  Failed     4m23s (x4 over 5m45s)  kubelet, 667ceb40fc75  Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: The login credentials are not valid, or your IBM Cloud account is not active.
Warning  Failed     4m23s (x4 over 5m45s)  kubelet, 667ceb40fc75  Error: ErrImagePull
Warning  Failed     3m57s (x7 over 5m45s)  kubelet, 667ceb40fc75  Error: ImagePullBackOff
Normal   BackOff    46s (x21 over 5m45s)   kubelet, 667ceb40fc75  Back-off pulling image ""

Note that my images are coming from IBM Container Registry, rather than Docker Hub, and that's the key .....

I was following this: -

which describes how one can generate a K8s secret from an existing docker login by grabbing the content of ~/.docker/config.json

Therefore, I was doing this: -

kubectl create secret generic regcred --from-file=.dockerconfigjson=/root/.docker/config.json

having previously logged in: -

echo "<MY API KEY>" | docker login -u iamapikey --password-stdin

which creates/updates /root/.docker/config.json

And that's where I was failing .....

Finally, after a few hours of head-banging, I looked back through my notes and realised that, for previous activities, including Tekton Pipelines / Triggers, I used a different approach to generate the secret: -

kubectl create secret docker-registry regcred --namespace kube-system --docker-server='' --docker-username='iamapikey' --docker-password='<MY API KEY>'

And, of course, it worked .....

Every day is ......

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