Friday, 17 September 2021

Today I Learned - how to grep for two strings

So I do a lot of work with IBM Container Registry (ICR) via the IBM Cloud command-line tool.

Having logged into my IBM Cloud account: -

ic login -sso

I then log into my ICR instance: -

ic cr login

and go look at my images.

I'm specifically interested in those images which have vulnerabilities, as scanned by the oh-so-useful built-in Vulnerability Advisor (VA) tool.

In the past, I did this via an unwieldy use of grep -v as per this: -

ic cr images | grep -v "No Issues" | grep -v "Unsupported OS"

effectively parsing out images that have either No Issues or are based upon an Unsupported OS.

Is there a better way, I thought to myself ?

Well, dur, of course there is: -

ic cr images | grep -v "No Issues\|Unsupported OS"

which does the same job but in fewer characters.

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