Monday, 21 January 2008

Wow, so much new stuff ...

Even though I'm a n00bie, that was the most amazing event. The recorded music was banging, the Orlando Symphony Orchestra was most excellent and the speakers were brilliant, even though I didn't know who Bob Costas was :-(

As a portal dude, I was majorly impressed by the enhancements to Notes 8.0.1, especially with regard to: -
  • integration with SAP ( Project Atlantic )
  • Quickr sidebar
  • Eclipse-based Domino Designer
  • improvements to Domino Web Access
  • etc.
Lotus Forms has been extended massively ( Total Forms ), with the ability to create reusable XForms within a web browser. Dr John Boyer has blogged about this further: -

Lotus Mashups looks very very cool, especially in the context of Notes and Portal composite applications. The expected extensions to WebSphere Portlet Factory were well received, and the new Web 2.0 enhancements to WebSphere Portal 6.1 are totally awesome.

From a SMB perspective, Lotus Foundations, is just what we've been waiting for you - prebuilt, preboxed solutions ready to go. Added to this, Lotus Bluehouse ( Software As A Service ) is going to be massive.

Quickr 8.1 does look better, and the ECM integration with Filenet P8 will go down well for customers needing end-to-end document/records/content management.

As a demonstrator, Ron Sebastian and Suzanne Minassian both did GREAT jobs, and I'd certainly like to steal their material, as it looked magnificent.

In short, a totally excellent session. Will digest further, and post more later......

Meantime, please checkout Ed and Alan.

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