Monday, 7 January 2008

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, rich :-)

Have just spent an hour or so with WebSphere Portlet Factory 6.0.2, generating a rich client application that I was then able to deploy into Lotus Notes 8.

I'm a bloomin' long way from being able to do anything really useful, but I was able to create a composite application in Notes 8 that displays data from a portlet created using WebSphere Portlet Factory ( using builders from WebSphere Dashboard Framework - Excel Import and Summary and Drilldown ).

Having done this, I changed one of the resulting column headers ( using a Data Column Modifier builder ), regenerated the WAB file, refreshed the Notes application and ... voila, it worked.

In order to deploy the WAB file into Notes, I had to follow this document: -

Installing the JSP compiler bridge for Lotus Notes 8.0.0

I also found this PDF to be of great use.

More to follow ....WPF_into_Notes.pdf


Jon Mell said...

Dave - does this mean from a single codebase you can generate either a Portlet for WebSphere or an app for Notes 8?

Dave Hay said...

Hi Jon

Yes, is that cool or what ?

Seriously, I see this as a big step forward; you get all the benefits of WebSphere Portlet Factory e.g. model-driven development, reuse, code-free/light builders etc. whilst developing thin-client and rich-client user interfaces.

*CAVEAT* It's worth noting that I have not make any judgement regarding license entitlements. My initial understanding is that an end-customer would need to have a WebSphere Portlet Factory Runtime entitlement in order to be adequately licensed to run a portlet in the Notes client where WebSphere Portal wasn't in the mix *CAVEAT*

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