Tuesday, 5 February 2008

WebSphere Portal 6.1 - The Adventure Continues .....

Well, I just got bitten by the RTFM bug :-)

You are required to install with the default user id and password
(xyzadmin/xyzadminpw). If xyzadminpw does not meet the password
requirements of the install machine, please alter your password
requirements or wait for the next beta release.

This is, after all, a beta - beta for boys, gold for girls ( as one of
my colleagues likes to say ).

Just uninstalling ....................................

Don't get caught like me - check out the comments etc. re the beta here: -




jwylie said...

I recognise that comment!

Dave Hay said...

Hey, credit where credit is due, Mr W

Jacques said...

Well, thank you. I installed the first time and could not access. Installed the second time and sure enough, could not access. Both cases, I had changed the Admin name and password on Install..

God knows how but I when I read your post, I tried the default names and password and... It worked!

Not sure where I missed the boat here but thanks!


Dave Hay said...


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