Friday, 7 March 2008

Control Key, Me Control - Anyone want a mouse ???

Now anyone that knows me is aware that I'm not a milleniard, although I do try to be a geek.

My background is green screen systems ( System i nee iSeries nee AS/400 ) and I'm at my most comfortable when using a big clacky keyboard WITH FUNCTION KEYS.

Although I mainly use a Thinkpad with a nipple ( err, Trackpoint TM ), I'm always keen to push the envelope backwards, and use the keyboard for everything, even to the point of BUYING some cool software called KeyText to allow me to record macros to do neat stuff like launch Firefox, Notepad, paste text into stuff etc.

My dichotomy ( or is a dilemma ) is that I also use, and love to use, the newest version of Lotus Notes, 8.0.1, which is ( I thought ) very mouse friendly ( being based on a Eclipse managed desktop environment ).

That's until about 10 minutes ago when I was pressing various keys in order to make a Symphony ODP presentation bigger. I found some new FUNCTION KEYS 8-)

I'm sure this is documented on Mary-Beth's blog somewhere, but here they are: -

<Ctrl><F1> Brings up a help perspective
<Ctrl><F2> Nowt
<Ctrl><F3> Something but I'm not yet sure what
<Ctrl><F4> Nowt
<Ctrl><F5> Locks Notes, requiring your password to get back in - doesn't clear the screen which is a nuisance :-(
<Ctrl><F6> Nowt
<Ctrl><F7> Now that is useful - a list of available panels, including Sametime Contacts, Activities, Day-At-A-Glance, Places etc.

<Ctrl><F8> Again, cool - a list of available window tabs e.g. Mail, Calendar etc.

<Ctrl><F9> Nowt
<Ctrl><F10> Nowt
<Ctrl><F11> Nowt
<Ctrl><F12> Nowt

I can throw my mouse away .........

PS I guess I could be a millenia-nerd


Dave Hay said...

Even more good news - Alan Lepofsky

went the extra mile, and pointed out that Ctrl+Shift+L brings up a list of ALL keyboard shortcuts.

Nice !

Unknown said...

And don't forget Ctrl-0 to close the sidebar and Ctrl-4 to open it!

Dave Hay said...

Kemal, good point - add this to the various function keys on the Thinkpad T60p, and I'm keyed out ( have you ever tried Fn-F8 )

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