Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dinner in Warwick

Went out for dinner with some good frolleagues this evening. A good time
was had by all but, sad to report, there were a few CrackBerry (TM)
addicts amongst us. It was quite sad to see.

Seriously, I can see my colleagues spending far less time time drinking
beer and arguing over LotusScript, Java APIs, notes.ini tasks,
breakpoints in Java etc. and spending more time with their metaphorical
heads in their metaphorical screens.

I'd love to expand on the point but .......... buzz buzz buzz .... I
just have this one email to answer ..............


Jon Mell said...

Your Alton Towers post inspired this http://jonmell.co.uk/2008/05/learn-when-to-disconnect.html

Dave Hay said...

John, a very good point - is it a good time to mention that I've now started tweeting ? :-)

Jon Mell said...

That's impressive - lot's of people are struggling to do that these days!

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