Thursday, 29 May 2008

Lotus TechJam - Wow, what an event

Congratulations to the team - it was a most excellent day, with a good
turnout ( more than expected apparently ) and great feedback from the
customers AND techies in their sexy black polo shirts.

Black is the new yellow is the new black.



Jon Mell said...

Dave - a tech question for you. Any idea how to get Quickr on Portal not to time out? Many business users open a doc, leave it open during the day, and check it in hours later only to find the session has timed out and they've 'lost' their changes?

Dave Hay said...

Jon, sounds like LTPA / session timeout problems to me.

Please see: -

This is for QS4LD rather than QS4WP, but the solution should remain the same e.g. increase the LTPA timeout etc.



Jon Mell said...

Cheers - it's not LTPA as there's no single sign-on. It's certainly is that area though so will see if I can find it...

On the subject of aliases ...

I'm a super-massive fan of time/labour saving devices, and that goes for command-line tips n' tricks to save me: - (a) typing more s...